Tuesday, 7 March 2023


 Today will be a bit photo heavy.

This will cover from Kaniva to Rupanyup.

There are many beautifully painted sheep all around the town.Theses are in Kaniva park.

The town's silos have a very colourful mural, which was hard to photograph well because of some power poles.

We passed through Dimboola, where I took a few photos, but thought I'd share the old machinery display instead.

Next we came across the Invisible Man at Arkona, a small siding for the silos.

On the way into the township of Jeparit we passed this old lot of letterboxes, which really makes good use of whatever was to hand in the day.

This large shedding complex has also been painted with birds.
Jeparit is a small town with a school that boasts all of 22 pupils and where one of our better known Prime Ministers was born, Sir Robert Menzies.

Along the road on our travels in between towns we saw this amazing Salt Lake.

The Albacutya silos.

On our second day of exploration, driving along, passing traffic coming the other way we suddenly came across a big gum branch across the road.  We must have just been far enough off, not to see it come down, but it did cause a few problems with cars & trucks approaching & a nice truckie offered a snatch strap which we hooked to our tow bar and pulled it out of the way so everyone could be moving again.  The adventures you have at times.

Reaching Rupanyup we realised that this mural has faded since we first saw it.  Some years ago, 2017 actually, I took a photo of this as it one of some of the first silos to be painted and also a couple of the first we ever saw or heard about.  Many, many more now though.

I loved this carved sculpture of the farmer and his trusty dog.

Sad to see these shops so empty and neglected, but some country towns have lost so much with the passing of time.

Weather today is mild, but ever so windy which scares me a little with grasses so dry and hopefully no bush fires will start.
OK, that is my lot for today, off for lunch now and the the weekly grocery shop.
See you later this week.
Take care all and hugs from Susan.


  1. I agree that the Kaniva silo is hard to get at for good photos, but love the sheep around town.

  2. The silos are fascinating. I like the shed painted with birds, the sheep and the wood carving of the farmer with his dog, Sunny but oh so cold here today. Take care:)

    1. Thanks Rosie & there should be another post or two with lots of photos. We saw so much in a short space of time. Hope your weather improves. We had horrendous winds here yesterday.

  3. That's incredibly lovely art Susan. I am sometimes tempted to buy a house in a little ghost town.. I'd love the peace and quiet.

    1. Thanks Cherie. I'd love it too if we were younger.(giggle).

  4. I enjoyed seeing your photographs, and I particularly liked the carved sculpture of the farmer and his trusty dog.

    All the best Jan

  5. Goodness, just twenty two children in a school, each class has more than that many pupils here, haha. That salt lake is amazing. So many interesting things to see on your travels.

    1. Thanks Jo. Aren't some village schools in UK small, then the older students go to high school in a nearby big town?

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun! DD and I should do that too one day... now to find the time!! xx

  7. Those Silo Art look amazing. What a great use of creativity!