Tuesday, 13 April 2021


 OK, finally making a start on some catch up walking and outings days we've been able to have.

I'll start with a very recent one and we hope to do the second half before we head into May.


This walk sounds lengthy, but you can just stick to the cliff top and we thought we went about half way & back again from the Kilcunda end, which took about 2-2 1/2 hours, but then maybe we didn't get half way.  Although it was extremely windy & I had to straighten all the photos, it was a very enjoyable afternoon stroll.

A small handbook we have with inspiring Gippsland walk & rides, which lives in our car, so we can choose something where ever we may be in our area.  We parked at the Kilcunda end and this what I snapped along the way.

Looking ahead,

Looking behind us.

Looking far into the distance behind us from a great vantage point.
If you click, you can just make out the wind farm at Wonthaggi that I posted about on Friday.
Looking further ahead.

Indentations in the rocks below.

Grasses bending in the stiff breeze.

A cave forming in the cliff face.

Beautiful rusty machinery languishing beside the path.

And this is what it is.

Made in Bendigo, one of our old gold rush towns, north-west of Melbourne.

Looking right through this one and notice the little bobbly thing to the right.
Ever so cute.

Turning around and heading back to the car, I only took a few photos.
Houses in the distance, not far from where we'd parked.

This unusual shaped part of a house had me wondering what might be inside.
A pool, a games room or a gazebo type room with a central firepit.
My imagination ran away with me.
Hope you enjoyed tagging along with us.  I've a few more bits 'n' bobs to post about of walks & days out, but for now I've  been dismantling & then rearranging my sewing room so my dear S-I-L can install 2 more power points, so I'm not tripping over extension cords.  School holidays here and DD & family are coming across tomorrow to do it.  Great to be seeing them & we'll have a BBQ tea and I've made an Oreo Cheesecake for dessert as I know the kids love Oreos & we'll see how that goes.  
Best go and finish the Spag-Bol we are having tonight. 
Take care, stay safe & virtual hugs from down under.


  1. Thank you I did enjoy your post.

  2. It looks beautiful ... I am so looking forward to getting back to the coast but I think it will be a while yet for us. There is always something of interest to catch your eye and I love a bit of disused industrial stuff with a bit of history πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Utterly stunning scenery. I'd thoroughly enjoy a walk along that coastline. My hair looks just like that windswept grass when the wind blows... Tomorrow I get the mop chopped thank goodness.

  4. Absolutely beautiful scenery, such a lovely walk. Enjoy your time spent with your family tomorrow.

  5. It looks lovely Susan - great views and blue skies - I hope you had a good time with the family - how did the Oreo cake go down?

  6. Such a lovely walk. I love your photos of the coastal path, the sea and sky are so blue. I learned a lot about George Bass when we were researching Matthew Flinders for an exhibition in the museum I worked in in Lincolnshire about 30 years ago:)

  7. Beautiful coastal views. Off to the coast in about four weeks. Looking forward to it. Hope your family gathering went well. :) X

  8. Such a lovely collection of photographs, I enjoyed them.
    Hope you enjoyed your 'Spag-Bol'

    All the best Jan

  9. It does make a difference when you have such beautiful scenery whilst you're walking. It's over a year now since I've seen the sea, Mick's on holiday next week so we're hoping to have a day at the coast, fingers crossed.

  10. Australia is so beautiful.... thanks for sharing your lovely walks with us! xx

  11. Oh, I do love the ocean and your photos are spectacular! Thanks for taking us along on your coastal walk.🌷🌸🌷