Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Joining in with Hawthorn from I live, I love, I craft, although I am a bit late due to travel and then internet issues for most of September and also when we got home, but here we are, nevertheless.

1.  WEB.
From the archives and taken at our old house one misty morning.

2.  BLADE.
Now, a spade has a blade, but this huge.  Taken at Harlow Carr on my birthday this year whilst visiting UK.

Also taken recently on the last morning of our trip.  It was a feature at The Vauxhall Inn, in Tonbridge where we were eating our breakfast.

Taken from the plane window at the start of our recent trip.

I thought this little fellow was cheery & bright.  Another photo from our trip, taken at Dungeness, near the miniature railway.

OK, I've shown this before some years ago, but couldn't find anything else to fit this category & still suffering jetlag & brain fog. (or so I think)..
This young lady will be 20 next month.

7.  FLOAT.
The name says it all!  Another photo from our trip taken at Hebden Bridge.

Again from the archives.  Our weeping cherry changing colour at our old house & gorgeous garden.

9.  FUR.
Taken recently at a Garden Centre in UK., I thought this very cute & realised it could be used for my fur category.
It is actually a loooong draught excluder. 

10. NEW.
Whilst in UK, everyone was talking about the new plastic five pound note and to our surprise, when we got home we have a new rather fancy $5 note too, although ours have been plastic for a long time now.  
OK,  that is a quick one from me and hopefully, I'll be able to do some posts in the near future about our trip and catch up on lots of other stuff too.
Take care all,  Susan.


  1. I was thinking earlier today that you have been very quiet and wondered whether you were back, so your post was timely.

    1. Too quiet, but with limited internet access, then Telstra changing our email structure and also not being able to load photos from my small camera onto the mini laptop, no posting or blog catch up has been happening, but that is about to change. Hope to do some posts about our holiday and what I'll be doing for remainder of this year. Thanks for thinking about me.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I did, but it was so crowded and being on the vertically challenged side, I didn't see as much as I would have liked. I did buy a couple of patterns though and loved it, but didn't get to meet Lucy.(cry)
      She was on a break & we had to go as we were headed for The Lakes that day. Thanks for popping by.

  3. Welcome home! Missed your blog posts!! Talk to you tomorrow xx

  4. Lovely photos. I knew where that spade was, I've seen it many times.

    1. Thanks Jo. I thought you'd possibly recognise that. I finally got your last 2 email. Now that is sorted, so will be in touch soon.

  5. Wonderful selection as ever! It was such a pleasure meeting you both when you were over here on hols, glad to see you back in bloggesphere xx

    1. Thanks Hawthorn. So glad to have met you & your family too. Really needed more time with everyone. I've got my next list handy, already, just need to overcome this jetlag now & some decent weather, as it still feels like winter here.

  6. That spade is a riot. It looks like Paul Bunyan's size. I'm glad you back too. I enjoy seeing your photo posts.

  7. Welcome back to blogland :) Glad you are home safe and managing to catch up with jetlag, laundry and t'internet! Lovely to see some of your latest photos :). xx

    1. Thanks Jayne. I think I'm just about over the jetlag (worst I've ever had it), but laundry is all caught up. Hubby has a very, very, very bad cold. Not well all. Lovely catching up again & will email soon.