Monday, 31 October 2016


Well, actually one was Friday and the other Sunday, but I need to do some catching up with what's been happening in Oz.  The folk here in Melbourne celebrate a "horse race" on the first Tuesday in November and some even take a 4 day break for it.  Our weekend sort of began on Friday, by taking ourselves off to Ballarat to help Joy to remove some branches from a tree that had fallen on her fence.


Offending downed branches.

The little pony I nicknamed Cadbury, and hubby talking to each other.

Many branches Joy & I dragged to a pile that could be a bonfire.

Finally, the fence has appeared again.
It did not take hubby long  to cut up the branches.  Joy and I had a little time in her studio, whilst hubby got the chainsaw sorted with the help of above pony.  There are two of them trying to keep the grass down.

Snowy & Cadbury munching away.


The morning dawned quite cool and was supposed to be wet and windy.  We set off on the train to travel into Melbourne, where I was to meet up with Joy again and four quilters/bloggers who had planned to see a Quilt Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.  The day certainly turned warmer than expected & not windy till about 3pm.
It was a wonderful day, meeting 4 new, lovely ladies & an exhibition which had amazing old quilts along with a brief description of their story.
I only took my small camera with me, so these aren't the best snaps & also we couldn't use our flash.  A very small selection.

This next pic is really not good & hubby did take one of the six of us later, but it is even worse, so this is it.

Lovely ladies, plus Joy.
A small section of Melbourne skyline across the Yarra River taken from the 3rd floor landing of the NGV  annexe, where the exhibition was being held.
This book, that accompanies the exhibition was on sale in the gift shop, so I purchased a copy to read more about these amazing old quilts.

Notice the dates.  Some of the quilts were very old, with exquisite workmanship.
Two odd photos from our garden on Saturday.  This was a day we popped to the shops, washed, did some pruning, mowed lawns and generally caught up on some odd jobs, but the camera did come out for these.

A King Parrot sitting on the railing, waiting to support the net for the blueberry bushes.  He has visited a few times lately.

One of my roses, Fiona's Wish, which is huge.  This bloom measured 7" across and if only we had smellavision too, as it is a highly scented one.
Enough of my ramblings today.  I have so much more to show of both the UK and our garden, but unfortunately not much sewing has been going on lately.  Lost some craft mojo somwhere, but I know it will come back, so won't push it for now.
Have a great week all.
Huggles, Susan.


  1. I lost my inspiration for craft during August and I think it is good to re-charge the craft batteries. Love that parrot; I think they are wonderful and I always wanted one!!

  2. Wow, imagine looking out of your window and seeing a King Parrot perched on the fence, what a beautiful bird.

  3. lovely rose, and I might need to try and find that book to purchase somewhere, by the time I get back to Melbourne for AQM, the exhibition will have closed.

  4. You looked to have worked hard with that fallen tree - well done :) I would love to find a King Parrot in our garden - what a find! x

  5. It was lovely to go weekend wandering with you! Looks as though you had a good weekend!

  6. Ponies and Parrots, all beautiful creatures. The quilt history book looks interesting. Let us know if you discover anything good. When I read Barbara Brackman's Civil War quilt book I learned so much about my countries' history, all because of the quilting that was being done at the time.

  7. Don't worry about the craft mojo, mine often buggers off for months on end but it always comes back.

    Love that you got to a quilt show and met a whole bunch of new friends :)

    Sorry it is taking me ages to come and catch up on all the good blogs but taking forever to get back to normal after our few days away!

  8. Was lovely to meet you Susan..........the quilts were so worth seeing........amazing.........