Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Yes, we are back in Oz and now that the jetlag has passed and we are nearly sorted with internet problems, I've decided it is about time to get back into posting on this poor little blog.
I am going to post about our holiday in 'bits'.  My small camera that I took with me is not a u-beaut one & the fact I dropped it at one point doesn't bode well either, so the photos are very light on this time.  A lot of our days were taken up by family gatherings & meetings, so I'll just tell about our small adventures, starting with this one.


Saturday morning of the 24th October, we packed the car & headed off, stopping on the way here-----

I spent a lovely morning wandering, though being so crowded it was somewhat a bit hard for me to see a lot because I'm so short.  I did purchase a couple of patterns, which I'll tell about some other time.  It is a wonderful event if you've plenty of time, which I didn't have as we had to travel that afternoon.  I was disappointed that I didn't meet the wonderful Lucy from Attic 24.

On Sunday we drove and met up with the lovely Jayne, her husband & Daisy from The View from Bag End.  We gathered up some makings for lunch, then set off for a wonderful drive and walk, with just Jayne, as Daisy isn't all that fussed with travelling in the car.


Passing a mossy stone wall.

The scree slopes, of which one of these treacherous looking places was being climbed by  people.  WHY?

A beautiful view.

Another beautiful view.
As I explained before, I just didn't take enough photos.  The climb was reasonable, but very achievable.  In some ways I would have liked to have kept walking.  It was lunchtime & hubby's foot had probably had enough anyway.  Lunch was eaten overlooking one the many lakes and was so peaceful & scenic.

After lunch it was time for a quick touristy bit.  First we had a stop at the Honister Pass Slate Quarry.


Next we stopped at the Bowder Stone, which I climbed  via these steps.

Pity I don't have a photo of some people attempting to climb the rock face.

As we travelled, we passed pleasant spots like this.

Boats on the edge of a lake & mountains in the distance.
Lastly we drove down a very narrow road to the beautiful setting of Watendlath (hope that's right, though I know I'll be corrected if not).  This the most wonderful spot, where I'm sure many people walk, fish and just relax and drink in the scenery.

The charming old barn.

A babbling brook, which can be quite ferocious when in full flow, as witnessed by the rebuilding of the little bridge after the floods of last winter.  Hope they finish it before this winter sets in.

OK, that's my lot for today.  We had the most wonderful time with Jayne, finishing with a beautifully cooked meal, a tour of her lovely garden, patting Daisy & then heading back to the Motel, hoping we could do it all again some day.  Maybe!  A BIG thank you Jayne.

Take care all,  Susan.


  1. For someone who did not take many photos I think you captured the day beautifully, I just wish we had enjoyed slightly better weather :( I have one fairly decent picture of you and Keith which you might like to add - I'll email it over.
    Hopefully on your next visit you will have more time to mooch around and relax. You and I never did make it into the sewing room, or spend time with my quilting machine, or all othe other things we talked about.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Lucy is always surrounded by people at Yarndale... were you there on Saturday? We went on Sunday this year and it was much quieter.

  3. What a lovely day. I've still never made it to The Lakes but it's on my list of things to do so perhaps very soon. I've never heard of the Bowder Stone before so I've just had to google it to see what it is, how quirky.

  4. I managed to speak to Lucy and take her photo, but it was just after the show opened on Saturday morning so she was on her own. Lovely photos.

  5. Lovely walk and photos - your little camera didn't let you down :) Glad you had a lovely day with Jayne x

  6. Even if the weather wasn't quite perfect, the scenery is breathtaking. It's wonderful that there are still places that aren't developed and you can still see trees and nature.

  7. It's all so pretty... hope I can go there with hubby one day xx