Saturday, 12 June 2021


 A few hiccups over the last few days, but here we are linking with Astrid for the Scavenger Hunt.

Today's word is BERRY & although I'd thought about getting out to take a few photos, the weather has not played ball at all.  Thank heavens for our archives, so here we go & I know my loyal followers will know me well enough to that they'll see the inevitable from our garden.

Our blueberry bushes with new berries before they ripen.
My trug with ripe berries.  Last seasons haul was around 30kgs overall.

And what do they become at times?  Why, blueberry muffins among other things.

Pyracantha berries (I think) that grow in a small reserve near our local railway crossing.

And lastly, an arrangement I made whilst living in Ballarat from both my garden & some foraged roadside bits.
Not even going to try and identify these, though we do have inky black berries in there.

OK, quick and easy for me today after forgetting all about it.  We've had computer  problems, along with so much storm damage here in south eastern Australia.  There are so many trees down in Gippsland and floods in some areas with more rain forecast over coming days.  As we still can't have visitors to our house or go visiting, it is a matter of staying at home & keeping busy, warm & dry and trying not to stress or worry.  I've been appliqueing flowers on my next row of the Bedding Plants QAL, which is quite time consuming as I've not done any raw edge applique for a while.  I'll do a show & tell later next week.
Take care all, stay safe & huggles from a very soggy down under.


  1. Lovely as usual. I tried to grow blueberries but the birds ate the fruit even before it was ripe. After a couple of years I gave the bushes away. My friend might be doing the Bedding Plant QAL too which will be interesting. I don't think it's my style of quilting as I'm not very good at applique. Take care and I hope the weather improves. x


  2. That is an amazing haul of blueberries. Our neighbour tries to grow them but never gets more than a small bowlful - but maybe if he watered them regularly it would help!! Your weather sounds miserable. Do hope it improves soon. Keep well and stay busy, it helps. xx

  3. That's a good haul of blueberries and blueberry muffins are so tasty I could just eat one now. I hope the weather improves soon for you, keeping busy is the best thing to do x

  4. For once we are not struggling with rain, hopefully your bad weather will soon pass too. We have a blueberry bush which has produced huge supplies of blueberries since we’ve had it. Like you though our birds seem to just lie in waiting. We have learned the optimum time to net it over otherwise we end up with none 😃

  5. My mouth's watering now I've seen blueberry muffins. It'll be a while before my blueberries are ready though.

  6. How wonderful to have all those blueberries in your garden, we have ne little bush here from a plant I bought from a supermarket a few years ago. It has small flowers on at the moment. I hope thigs open up again soon so you can get out and about and have visitors. Take care:)

  7. I do hope your weather improves soon.

    I just love blueberries, especially in blueberry muffins :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Of course your lovely blueberries had to be featured in this blog post!! When we go "home" one day I want to plant some bushes and hope they do as well as yours xx

  9. Lucky to have so many blueberries, and your muffins look like a delicious treat! Your arrangement looks pretty with those beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing your goodies.
    I'm so sorry about all the rain, but glad you have something that keeps you busy, and dry!