Thursday, 9 March 2017


The List.

1.  No rain so far this month.  Actually we've had none since the 21st of last month & the garden is very dry.

2.  We seem to have been extra busy, with car club, ie.  committee meeting, getting labels sorted (person who usually gets them for me, was away), picking newsletters up, labeling, sorting, taking to clubrooms on Saturday, then us going out Sunday & Monday, grocery shopping Tuesday and car club again yesterday, for the coffee & cake run.  Phew!!!!

3.  A bit too hectic, as we are usually quieter than this, so not much on the sewing/crafting front.  And all that, after I'd decided to really make a start on the UFO pile & stash reduction.  The garden has taken a back seat as well.  Too hot still, with 35 on our weather station this afternoon.

OK, enough of the list & onto some of what I've fitted into the start of this month.

This is what a very messy UFO pile looks like after you've upended the tub they were residing in.
Sorry, but I took the photo, then started sorting.

As I start getting some things done, I'll post about them.  First I need to work out how many I'll be doing, although I've done the cushion & finished the shawl, which I showed on last post.
The pieced tops waiting to be quilted, amount to, I think, about 22.

I have fitted in  a few things, being......

Sewing together those squares I found in the "tub" and now awaiting borders.
The Attic 24 cupcake rug has also reappeared (last night was cool for the first time in ages), and I have made a start on the border.  YAY!

This quilt (below) has been sitting for ages over the rollers on the big machine.  I've been debating!!!

Said quilt, made somewhere between 1995-9.  I know I was still working in the bank, at the time & showed to some friends, who thought it was terribly bright.
This is the pattern I was using.

OK, it doesn't look close to the original, but I had a little helper, whilst it was spread out on the floor.
One of my cats delighted in rearranging anything I put down & this was sort of her version.  Her mother always sat on everything you were trying to do.

This is one of the patterns I'm thinking of using.
I'd like to custom quilt this one as I still like it a lot and of course it will always remind me of Fluffy.


Just a few pics of our day out on Sunday.



Espaliered fruit trees.


A wigwam with black beans.  Never seen these growing before.
We did see lots more, but as it was an Open Day, there were many people about, which made it hard taking photos.

I'll leave you with one last photo of the little quilt now hanging the hall.  I took down the heart one & found something a "bit autumny" coloured.

Southern Comfort.
One I designed many moons ago, for the feature fabric I used.

Hope to soon update the Quilt Gallery with instalment 2 and make that list of UFO's.
Take care all.


  1. You've certainly been busy. By the look of that pile you've got plenty to keep you busier still, I'm sure you'll be pleased when you've got some of them finished off, then you can start some more!

    1. Thanks Jo. Yes, I've always way too much on the go, but that is who I am, so I try not to worry. I've lots of ideas for stash reduction too & can't wait to get busy with some of my own designs.

  2. You have been kept busy. I love the idea you can theme your decor by changing your quilt wall hanging, I shall mention that to a mutual friend who also quilts and has more made than displayed😊 lovely gardens x

    1. Thanks Kate. Think I know who you are talking about & changing things monthly or seasonally is something I used to do a lot at No.4, but the decor here gets to me, but I am trying. Tell her even if it is only small ones to hang in a certain spot or replacing the one on our bed each month means that we get to see a lot them year round. They also bring back lots of memories. Garden was good, but not like some in UK.

  3. And you tell me that I am too busy!!

    1. Yeah right!!! You have much more on the go than me. Enjoy the wedding.

  4. It does help to make a plan and organize your work. Your picture of your UFO's made me smile, today I found a bin with blocks I had begun and completely forgot about. The nine patch is looking good, and your 90's quilt is very current. I see Kaleidocross type quilts quite a bit now. Your gardens are very lush and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Joanna. UFO's will always be there waiting for me, but that's OK as it just ME! So it's trendy having those sorts of quilts is it? Wish it was my garden, but it's great being able to occasionally see nice ones here in Oz.

  5. What a great idea to 'theme' your quilt in the hall. I think I may try to do something similar once the conservatory is finished. I have some lovely spring materials... including a gorgeous bluebell wood design. Thanks for all your comments on my recent posts. Jx

    1. Thank you Jan. It's taken me a while to start getting back into changing things around in our home, but I'm trying to settle more. Ah, so someone likes floral fabric?

  6. Well done on the Kaleidoscope quilt, a bit like Storm at Sea which I keep thinking about making but know I never will.

    Cloudhill Gardens looks fabulous, lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Jayne. It's funny how quilts have a life of their own. I've done a Storm at Sea for DD as their wedding gift, many years ago, but it should go onto the "quilt gallery" in the 3rd instalment, when I finally get round to doing some more. The gardens aren't probably as good as in Spring & we've had such a dry summer.

  7. Love your UFO pile :) And congrats to you and K for your winnings at the Jindi show!!!!! xx