Tuesday 29 July 2014


I was once asked what my favourite tools were, (this was in relation to quilting), and my answer was "my hands".  This lady gave me a strange look and walked away.  Jo (Through the Keyhole), got me thinking after her comment about my chillblains and this gave me an idea for this post.

My old hands.
As a child with my little hands,

I learnt:  to feed myself, first with my fingers, then cutlery.
             to play pat a cake, clap and wave.
             to colour in and write.
             to tie my shoelaces.
             to play with toys and dolls.
             to hold and play with my baby brothers.
             to play the piano and recorder.
             to craft, knit, sew and crochet.
             to play tennis.

As I grew older, with my hands,

I learnt:  to play netball.
             set my neighbour's hair in rollers.
             stroke my cat.
             drive a car.
             work as a filing clerk, typist, accounting machine operator, in a canning factory and finally as a proof machinist  and teller in a bank.
As life progressed, my hands,
             held my hubbie's hand.
             tended my children daily as they grew.
             learnt to make meals and bake.
             to do all the daily household chores.

As I matured, my hobbies needed these hands for,
            patchwork and quilting,
            gardening and flower arranging.

Then, I started to "blog", still needing these hand to make friends all around the world.
 There are probably many things I've forgotten that our hands do, but I'm still sure these are my most important and favourite tools.

What do you think?

That's all folks.  Just a little thoughtful post.  Take care.


  1. I think it would be a never ending list if we really set about it. There's so many things we take for granted without giving our hands a second thought. Thanks for the mention.

    1. Thanks Jo, and yes I've thought of a few more since posting.

  2. Your hands are an amazing tool, and I am sure that yours have seen and done many things. xx

  3. A sweet post Susan! We'd be lost without these hands! This reminds me of the old Max Bygraves song "You Need Hands" - indeed we do have so much to be thankful for :) xoJoy

  4. It is amazing when you think all of what our hands do, nice thoughts. :)