Monday 23 December 2013


I was hoping to post this early last week, but time got away from me.  Not even sure what I've done in some ways.  Just busy, with two extremely hot days, which I just don't cope with.  Now today is wet, windy and cold (just 16 deg after it being 39 and 33 on Thursday and Friday).  I'd shown a picture of a King parrot, which came to sit beside me while we were out.  On Sunday, we decided to take a drive to find a small twiggy branch for my Xmas tree.  Started out and ended up in Noojee, which is about 40kms north east of where we live.  It is quite hilly and bushy and below are some photos I took.

The old rail trestle bridge at Noojee.

Looking along the bridge from the steps to the top.

Looking down from the bridge to our car and all the lovely tree ferns.

Toorongo Falls.  This is actually downstream from the main falls, which we will visit after Xmas, before we leave this area.  We were running out of time and the walk is uphill for about 2.5 kms, so that will be for another day.

A rusting ute in very long grass.  I just thought it was a good photo.

A very large gum tree in the park.

The Noojee trout farm from a scenic lookout spot.

Multi-coloured silage bales.
Now we did find a twiggy branch for me.
  When our children were younger, we always went and found a largish branch with gumnuts still attached and any dead leaves were stripped and it was placed in a bucket and then decorated with all our lovely baubles etc.   The decorations could always been seen much better, but these days I usually decorate our fake tree, but as both are stored away at the moment, I went for the other option and here it is in all it's teeny glory.

My little tree.

Closeup so you can see the butterflies.
Those two packages under it are from overseas, one being from a blog pal, Lucie the Happy Quilter and the other from my penfriend in Cornwall.  The tree has bows tied all over and it's just for fun as being packed over the holiday season can be a wee bit painful.

I'm off now for a  lovely massage from L whom I'm going to miss once we move, though I should fit in another one before we go.  I'll have to try and find someone else who is good and I do need one each month.

Take care all and have a Happy Xmas and New Year as I know a few who will be too busy to post over the silly season, so will see you all in 2014.


  1. Love your Christmas tree, well done, hope you have a great Christmas and see ya on the other side!

  2. What a cute tree.

    That bridge doesn't look strong enough to have ever taken the weight of a train does it?

  3. I love your little Christmas tree. A very merry Christmas to you, I hope it's a good one.

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  5. Your little tree is delightful. Funnily enough, I wanted to do a similar thing this year for some tiny ornaments which would get lost on my big tree but I never got round to it . . . must try harder next year.

  6. My little tree looked very similar to yours. Isn't nice to reduce the hassle at Christmas? And still enjoy the festivities.... I hope you had a great Christmas Susan. I'm just catching up on blog reading.