Sunday 15 December 2013


Ok, this a double birthday post and the QAL

Happy birthday to D and M and hope you have great days.

Everyone may get the message that we have a lot of birthdays this month.  Yesterday the 14th was our grandsons 13th birthday and today (his Mum), the 15th, is our daughters (my stepdaughter) birthday and she has just turned 41.  Had to put that explanation in for those who don't know that our other daughter (my daughter) celebrates her 41st later this month, so thought it may get quiet confusing.


I'm afraid I don't have anything new to show, but below is the photo of how far I got with the challenge of using no red and green for a Christmas top.
"Somebody" wondered if anybody would use purple and orange, and silly me, took it up.  I chose most fabrics from my stash except for 2 of the orange bows.  I didn't have much orange to hand.  The pattern is one I received many years ago with my subscription of QNM magazine.  All nine blocks have now been appliqued, but then I had to declutter my studio to put the house on the market for sale.  As we are renting till January, everything is still packed, so this will be finished next year and QuiltSue thought we may have another party. (giggle).

Middle row.
 Below is my early take on Christmas at the moment.  Notice two of the photos are very red and green.

The old fashioned alstromeria, which I think look quite Xmasy.

Dream bars which have bottled fruit mince in the topping.  (sort of Xmasy).

A taster of what we got up to today.  Will have to post again tomorrow as I'm very tired tonight.
It's short and sweet, but I did take up the challenge of no red and green.Take care all and have a lovely Sunday.


  1. You certainly did take up the challenge. I love what you are making there and will look forward to seeing it when you have the time to finish it.

    Oh, and yes, those Alstromeria look very Christmassy. I'd never thought of it till you mentioned it.

  2. You've got a very busy month with all the birthdays and Christmas. You've done really well with the quilt challenge, it looks very Christmassy even though no red or green has been used.

  3. Your color combination sounds a little wild, but it totally works! And you got the hardest part done, so hopefully you'll be able to finish it once you're settled again. What a pretty bird.

  4. Susan, it sounds an expensive month for you !! September is like that for us.
    Can you post the mincemeat fruit bars recipe? It looks lovely XX

  5. I love the purple and orange packages; very festive and bright. I think all nine together will look great. Lovely flowers, as usual. Happy Birthday to all.

  6. Purple and orange are great non-traditional Christmas colours. The presents look very nice.

  7. I love the purple and orange! This is quite a festive runner.

  8. I like the purple and orange. They are fun looking.

  9. It's a busy month for us too, with December birthdays. It can get very hectic. And expensive! But fun too. You did well with the QAL no red and green challenge - the colours you chose are very strong and festive.

    Thanks for your offer of the plant advice - my email is x