Thursday 15 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

First:-  A big thank you for all my comments.
Second:- Happy birthday to my stepdaughter M (44 today), and another Happy birthday to grandson (M's son) who was16 yesterday and is already taller than Pop, my hubby.
Third;-  Another day without any definite crafting but a lot of fiddling.😞

DAY 15.

If you click on this so you can read the information notice, I think that says it all.  Taken on our holiday to Mallacoota at the , museum of the WW11 bunker that I posted about in  February 2015.

On Tuesday I bought a bag of carrots, but hadn't noticed the packaging till today.  Oh dear, I don't have any reindeer!!  May we eat them instead? (giggle)

I was playing around with this today and have now decided to take the ribbon of, roll it in glitter first, then put the ribbons back on.  I laughed when I thought about it and realise I'm doing a Kirstie Allsopp.  (She just loves glitter).

Judith, my doll that I use for my profile picture, turns 60 this Christmas. She has had a change of clothes for summer today, but this dress is very old and VERY special.  My longtime friend S's mother made this for me. We both had Pedigree dolls & played with them together often.   I must make her some new clothes next year.  That will keep my mind and hands active along with a few more things I'd like to try.

OK, that wraps up today and do hope you enjoyed my number.  It was a bit of a find in the archives.
See you all tomorrow.  Take care.


  1. Reindeer carrots??! How lovely, course you can eat them, just leave one or two for Rudolf....! I have a doll that is a day or two older than me who has had several changes of clothing as we grew up/older, she is called Mabel after Mabel Lucie Atwell because she looks like her little characters x

    1. I've already used a couple of carrots. Judith isn't a few days older than me, but 7 years younger. Now I want to know what your Mabel looks like.

  2. Special reindeer carrots? whatever next? How lovely that you still have Judith, I loved dolls when I was young but I never kept any of them. I do have a couple of teddy bears though.

    1. Thanks Jo. Xmas really is the silly season at times. I'll admit to not having my old bear, which my Dad bought me, just after I was born, but am lucky to have my doll still.

  3. Did my Mum make that...she was so clever back then. My Robyn lost her fight a few years back. Judith and Robyn spent many happy days together

    1. They certainly did and yes your Mum did make it. Thanks and take care.

  4. Aw just caught up on your blog and seen this!!!