Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 14.

One of my many quilting books and hey ho, a number "14" in the sub-title.


With this little lot below............

I made a very simple door wreath, that won't wilt in our heat.  I forgot to take a photo before I painted the frame.

Whilst taking this photo, it was very windy and the ribbon kept blowing, so may have to take it down for the night.  
At least it has been cooler today, but blowing a hooley as my friend Lucie would say.
Have a couple more things in mind for Christmas craft & as hubby is doing some mending on our MM, whilst the radiator is out, we won't be venturing too far, so I'll make the most of being at home.
Off to get our tea ready, so take care all,


  1. Very pretty wreath - perfect for those hot wilty days :) I've just hung mine out today too. I love your glue gun stand -did K make it for you?

  2. Pretty wreath its gorgeous

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I like the wreath, understated often looks more in my opinion.

  4. What a brilliant idea for a (hot) Christmas wreath. I too have hung my wreath on the front door. Made it on a wet moss base. The indoor one suffers from the central heating so is always made from cane with an oasis fixed on one side to help keep the ivy I wrap around it from wilting.x