Wednesday 21 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 21.

Are we really this far already?  Again I've nothing to report on the crafty front, though I've made binding for a quilt I quilted "months ago", started painting my little timber tree hubby made for me, and finished moving all the furniture to the 4th bedroom, with a little help.
I think after our number reveal, we'll take a little coastal journey.  Hope you enjoy.

On our travels one day, I spotted a large advertising sign for Land for Sale, and noticed there was a Lot 21, so went to find it and,  "YAY", number 21.


The rail car at Saltburn that takes you to the top of the cliff.

Views from the top over part of the town.
We then traveled onto Whitby.

Whitby harbour looking towards the swing bridge.

The old abbey on the hill.
Famous Explorer.

Captain Cook's statue.
IT WASN'T OPEN!!!!!!!!

I always visit this shop when in UK, and this was the first time she was closed.  We didn't make a return visit to Whitby this time, but maybe one day.  

Oh, this wasn't very Christmassy, but I hope to do some more catchups with our UK trip over the next few months.  
Take care all,


  1. It's nice to see some of the places you visited whilst you were here.

  2. A place I must visit one day!

    Julie xxxxx